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Life exists for a reason
so as long as im still breathin'
its the purpose that i have on earth that i soon will be acheiving
(AND)the goal is to aleiviate distinguish from then levetate
never can i take a break as long as you are being fake
i see right through you pixelate
tv's on its gettin late
the break i take is human bones
replace your face with a microphone
im in the zone you dont belong
who doesnt know whats goin on?
ariel said "step to me and youll be dancin with the pace wrong"
forget the fire i am nothing but the flame
taking the pieces of those who believe in the awesomeness that is me
i can think of a reason for you to be sittin around and exept the defeat
Im as cruel as school children in asylums i cant leave
I can act a fool well till the party never leaves
bet you didnt know i wrote the lyrics and and composed the beat
I can flow like a river you just fightin with the stream
Im switchin up reality you livin in a dream
its the picture in a puzzle i finally can see
im movin twards the green see the forest for the trees
if you dont understand ask somebody what i mean.
hear the 808 but you dont find no heart break in me
ive atoned for my sins goin in theres no end
ever changing is my motto to creshendo without doubt
no longer man can i be called
i transcend to something bigger than the human minds will understand a new found public figure


from Authentic Entrance, released February 4, 2012
Beat By: NzO
Lyrics By: NzO
Produced By: NzO



all rights reserved


NzO Bronx, New York

Music is my life. My passion.
My Goal is to spread my music worldwide and create a society of legendary music to share with this world!

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